What do I miss from home?

I was visiting with a friend who is getting ready to leave Bequia permanently and she asked me what I missed from ‘home’

In no particular order, the things I miss from our life in Ontario:

-icy cold water right from the tap

-the long days of summer when it’s still light out at 9 pm.

-Big Hawk Lake, just north of Carnarvon, Ontario…a piece of my heart lives there as we spent so many weekends and holidays there having fun with family and friends, and we are lucky enough to be visiting friends there in just a few weeks time…the photo above is taken from our good friends property which is next door to where our cottage used to be.  Our old cottage has since been torn down and a new one built in it’s place.

-the occasional sighting of the Northern Lights which takes your breath away

-ice on wire fences and branches glistening in the sunlight on a cold clear winters day making the world seem like a magical fairy land

-the gorgeous yellow fields of canola in the farms around Erin and Grand Valley

-Debora’s belgian chocolate shop that was just down the road…yum…


-road trips with stops for picnics, living museums, art galleries, shopping…

-our church family, we’ve never found a church here that suits us; I think we were spoiled by our progressive modern lively church that it’s hard for the churches here to compete

-our very good friends that we’ve known forever and will be seeing soon as we are going up for a visit…

-family, I’ve especially missed out on seeing all of our nephews grow up from little boys into the fine young men they are today

-fall fairs, farmers markets, apple cider, corn on the cob, picking strawberries to make jam and pies, annual trip to the Shaw Festival, local little theatre…

I’m making myself homesick…not really, but I’m looking forward to our visit back to Ontario in a few weeks when we will get to cover almost all of the things above, though in June there had better not be ice on the trees!




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